Monday, February 2, 2009


Isaiah 58:12b - You shall be called the REPAIER OF THE BREACH, the RESTORER OF STREETS to dwell in. Spiritually "a repairer of breaches" is one who restores the right way, beginning with himself. He may have no influence or control over what others do, but he does have control over what he does, and when he repairs his own personal breach with God, the breach in the wall closes a bit. It is as if a stone or a brick were added to the wall—another person is again in a good relationship with God. We need to "repair the breach" for ourselves and then help others with theirs and share with others how to repair their breach (Jesus Christ), but just like in Nehemiah we need to work together to "re-build the wall", we need to build our own and then help others to get the wall up, to get the breach filled. And some dont even know that there is a breach, they are clueless. They feel unwanted and unloved and alone, those are the people I want to focus on, especially the kids and orphans. And we need to be hard workers and never stop or take breaks, because Satan and his followers never stop trying to destroy people and draw people away from God, so how can we stop trying to help and love on people. Also the moment we take a break is the moment the enemy will break us, 1 Corinthians 7:23 You were bought with a price; do not become SLAVES OF MEN.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kenya and Documentaries

So I go to Bethany College of Missions, and part of the schooling to get a BA is to go on a 16 month internship. We had four choices and I went through all of them thinking and wanting to go to them and Kenya was last on my list but it was first on God's. Why I want to go to Kenya and why I feel called is, to work with orphans and orphanages, I myself was adopted and had some bad things happen in my foster homes, and I just feel that I can connect better to orphans and they can relate better to me, and then I can share God's love with them. So that's the plan so far, and the other night I watched Invisable Children (kids in Uganda, that are kidnapped and forced to fight for the LRA) crazy documentary but very good, I encourage you to watch it. But after that I just really got a passion to make documentaries and like it says in Job 29:15-16 "I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame. I was a father to the needy, and I searched out the cause of him whom I did not know." I feel that the blind is the world, they are blind to what is going in the world, the hurt and evil. And the lame are the orphans and the people getting hurt, I want to be the feet to the lame and carry out their story and let people know so they aren't invisible, and open the eyes of the world so they know and they can help. I want to search out the cause of him whom I did not know, and come to know him and help him, I want to love on the un-loved and show the orphans that they have a father, a Holy and Perfect one, who will never leave them and who will always be there. He will always love us, even if we aren't loving Him at the moment. So that's what God is doing right now, I would love prayer for Kenya and just getting the money to go and all that comes with it like protection and health, and also we want to try and do our first documentary in Kenya on internship but we need a camcorder and also a Mac for video editing and stuff, my friend Noel who will be helping me was blessed with a super nice Canon camera, so he will be the picture taker and stuff and hopefully we can get a website up and post pics and our videos so they can impact and educate people. But I know that if Kenya and making documentaries are from God for me to do then He will provide all that is needed to do these things. But we still need prayers and if you can help in any way that would be awesome too, like info on camcorders and mac's, support, experience and advice, whatever you feel could help and whatever God leads you to offer.